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Request for Qualifications for the Management and Operation of PREPA’s Transmission and Distribution System


On October 31, 2018, the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority (the “Authority”) in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (“PREPA”) published a public notice announcing the commencement of a Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) process for the management, operation, improvement, financing and maintenance of PREPA’s transmission and distribution system (the “Project”). The Authority, as the representative of PREPA and through its Project Partnership Committee (the “Committee”), will conduct a competitive RFQ process, free and open to all interested parties.

The RFQ is available online at Through the RFQ, PREPA and the Authority are requesting Statements of Qualifications (“SOQ”) of interested companies or consortiums with the legal, financial and technical capacity to implement the Project. The Authority has the power to issue the RFQ under the Public-Private Partnerships Act1 and the Puerto Rico Electric Power System Transformation Act.

All entities interested in participating in the process are advised to follow the communications protocol included in the RFQ and submit all entries pursuant to the following deadlines:

  • November 14, 2018 – Deadline for submission of Requests for Clarification (“RFC”) with respect to this RFQ by prospective respondents.
  • November 20, 2018 – Deadline for the Authority to release responses to RFCs.
  • December 5, 2018 – Deadline for submission of SOQs (no later than 5:00 pm AST).
  • January 16, 2019 – Estimated date for notification of qualified respondents.

This document has been prepared for information purposes only and is not intended as, and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Should you have any questions about the matters hereby discussed, wish to obtain more information on their potential impacts on policy or operational matters, or need assistance in submitting the RFQ, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.